demiurgic (strawberryzink) wrote,

another day

I went to school this morning adn parked my car by Jen's place expecting to see her in the afternoon, but I didn't. So I had a pleasant walk through one of many Santa Monica neighborhoods and realized how happy i was to be living in my own house in mid-city los angeles. I mean all the parking there was permit only, it seemed really dead. I felt that if I even sneezed I'd have the cops on my ass telling me to keep it down. Although I do miss Beverlywood a ton, I realize that I am much more at ease here, where our home, thought small, is still much bigger than our old apartment, and we even have quite a sizable back yard! Another cool thing about this neighborhood is that they are constantly filming commercials, music videos, tv shows, and i guess now they must be filming a movie. There are so many stadium lights on the block next to us. One annoying thing about that is that the trucks with all the equipment take up so much space! And then to have the set quiet they have to close the streets. Well everything comes at a price I guess. As far as we have lived here our house was only previewed once for a music video for lil jon and ice cube hehe, but our home wasn't selected..oh wellz. But now I am off to finish my homework once again. I can't wait until I am working behind a desk or something, that way I will be getting paid to do the writing, reading, and research.
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