demiurgic (strawberryzink) wrote,

I know I am fat

"For My sister who Thinks I'm Unhappy Because, I Like Her, Don't Wear a Size 6" by Sandra Munoz.

Please, Por Favor
do not place my worth
on the size of my stomach.
Do not judge how happy I am
by the size of my jeans.
I am much. much more than
how much I weigh
how pretty I look on Saturday nights
how close I an push my breasts to my chin.

I am not even remotely close
to you average
runway model,covergirl.
I do not eat yogurt, sprouts or Ex-Lax chocolates
on a regular basis.
I do not wake up
with a mascara brush in one hand
and a lipstick liner in the other.

I find pride in how little time
it takes me to aply the litte
make-up I do use
and still not cause
any major traffic accidnets.

Son't get me wrong
this is not a peom
dogging my sisters
who spend hours
painting their beautiful selves.

But me
I am more than
my breasts
my thighs
my love handles
my calves
my lashes
my lips.

Yes, you can be happy
and not be a size 6 or 7 or 8 or 9...
Well, that's really not any of
your damn business.

Yes, I do like what  Isee in the mirror.
And yes, I will have some more tacos.
And no, I don't want to walk to the market.

Do not judge
my value
my abilites
my intelligence
my sense of humor
my disposition
by how I look
by what I wear
by a number on a scale
by how long it will take you
to put your arms around me.

I know una mujer hermosa
piel morena, full lips, silken hair
size 1
thin as hell
who hates herself.

Alright already
I mean is enough ever enough?
Do you really think
one size fits all?

Heaven must be that place
that one place
were all women
love themselves
make-up free
hair-spray free
high-heel free
panty-hose free
exercsie free
blue contacts lense-free
hair bleach-free
Jenny Craig-free

heaven must be that place
that one place
where we are all free
free to be who we are
when we wake up in the morning
free to be who we were born to be.
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