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As I walked back from class today, I realized what a perfect day it is. Despite my preferential trade agreement and non-governmental organizations and their policies on human rights paper due today, what a beautiful day. The clouds are calming floating pass this dry bare dirty city called Riverside, and yet I don’t think anyone is paying them much attention. I looked up at the sky as I walked home, and saw a bunny laying down against the brilliant blue of the sky after the storm, I saw a rubber ducky happily floating by on the blue waters of the sky. And just as my eyes were taking it all in I was finally able to see the San Bernardino mountains (they have been shielded by an unrelenting wall of smog lately), they were covered with snow for the first time in a long time. This is my idea of a perfect day. The temperature is somewhere in the 60’s with a light breeze, its sunny, but the moving masses of clouds provide shade here and there. I actually forgot where I was as I stared into the sky and probably walked into 10 different people. My mind wandered to central California, near Solvang with the rolling green hills parted by a creek. I imagined myself to be walking on those grassy hills with big trees and their commanding branches. I imagined myself on the road between Solvang and that waterfall that is near by, just in case you want to take a step into my imagination. I can only wish for more days like this, with big beautiful clouds maneuvering through the skies, a breath of fresh air, and comfy weather. Even as I sit here and write this I can not help but look out the window, and even though a bunch of roof tops disrupt my view, my visualization is still the rolling hills up by Solvang.

I just felt like sharing this with everyone because clouds this beautiful don’t fly over Riverside everyday. And now, I wish for nothing more than a car trip to the place that my imagination took me to. Anyone want to come?

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