demiurgic (strawberryzink) wrote,

just thinking...

So I know that medieval studies is now a major. Someone should make Gothic fiction a major, or at least Victorian literature, or restoration literature major!

As I was watching The Devil's Backbone today with the commentary on by Guillermo Del Torro (I am writing my final paper on this film for my horror film English class), he was talking about how part of the inspiration of the film was from Gothic Literature. He mentioned "The Castle of Ontranto," the very first gothic novel, and I just jumped off my seat in ecstasy, this film had gothic elements! At Last!!! I have a thesis! And so now I think Guillermo del Torro is even more awesome then i originally thought him to be. If you haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth, go watch it. And just get past all the gore, and look at the meaning of the story, the political figures, and gender roles. There's more there than meets the eye. And then go watch The Devil's Backbone, cause its just as good. OK that is all.
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