demiurgic (strawberryzink) wrote,

The Occasional Post

For any one who happens to pass by my livejournal and think "What ever happened to that girl?" I am alive and well. Most of my time is spent reading novels, reading court cases, interning at a law office, and hanging out with my love Dean among other insignificant things. I am happy to report that it is steadily raining outside tonight in Riverside. I love to hear the water drip drop from the trees onto the pavement. I should be reading, but I have all night long to do that. Especially since I don't plan to sleep. Ah so the sleepless nights begin. My last quarter in college and it sucks. I will be happy to be home again to see my friends. I don't know why, but I just don't seem to fit in here in Riverside...maybe I just haven't met the right people wait rephrase that. I had great friends that I could hang out with, but they have all graduated and moved away =( alas, but that is my fate as well. Good thing I leave no one behind to feel the loneliness that I feel. I guess I forgot to mention that I live alone now. My room mate moved out because like all my other Riverside friends, she graduated. So I no longer mean to keep myself here, or you for that matter. Away I go to read my sensation novel!

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